Every two years, IFSSO organizes a General Conference in connection with the ordinary session of its General Assembly.

The themes of the General Conference are normally either broad topics of concern and relevance to the social sciences.

IFSSO General Conferences

22nd IFSSO General Conference, 2015 Tokyo, Seijo University, Glocalization: Social Scientific Approach towards Social Design for the Creation of a Multicultural Society

21st IFSSO General Conference, 2013 Istanbul, Yıldız Technical University, Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture, The Ways and Means of Living in Peace and Harmony in a Multicultural World

20th IFSSO General Conference, 2011 Batangas, Philippines Social Science Perspectives on Human Security

19th IFSSO General Conference, 2009 Chiang Mai, Thailand Global and International Migration: Realities of Labor Movements and International Marriages

18th IFSSO General Conference, 2007 Bali, Indonesia Comparative Multi-discipline Approach in Socio-cultural Studies: Marginalized Group

17th IFSSO General Conference, 2005 Bangkok, Thailand An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Cultural Ethnic Minorities in the Process of Globalization

16th IFSSO General Conference, 2003 Jakarta, Indonesia Environmental Protection and Regional Development

15th IFSSO General Conference, 2001 Phitsanulok, Thailand Political Culture and Globalization

14th IFSSO General Conference, 1999 Phitsanulok, Thailand Interface of the Social Sciences and Science and Technology

13th IFSSO General Conference, 1997 Phitsanulok, Thailand Social Integration of Regimes in Transition

12th IFSSO General Conference, 1995 Quezon City, Philippines Cooperation and Conflict in Global Society

11th IFSSO General Conference, 1993 Rome, Italy Towards the Building of Global Society through Sound Development: Social Consequences

10th IFSSO General Conference, 1991 Brasilia, Brazil Social Sciences and the Environment

9th IFSSO General Conference, 1989 Tokyo, Japan Changes in Academic Policy: Social Sciences in a Changing World

8th IFSSO General Conference, 1987 Prague, Czechoslovakia Impact of New Technologies on Society Effects on Social Science Research: The Question of Policies

7th IFSSO General Conference, 1985 New Delhi, India Social Change and the Role of the Social Sciences and Resource Allocation to Social Science Research

6th IFSSO General Conference, 1983 Colombo, Sri Lanka 6th General Conference of the International Federation of Social Science Organizations

5th IFSSO General Conference, 1981 Paris, France The Social Sciences in the Threshold of the ‘80s

4th IFSSO General Conference, 1979 Facilitating International Co-operation in the ‘80s

3rd IFSSO General Conference, 1977 Executing Priority Programmes in Social Science Research

2nd IFSSO General Conference, 1976 Conference of National Social Science Councils and Analogous Bodies

1st IFSSO General Conference, 1975 Conference of National Social Science Councils and Analogous Bodies

IFSSO Seminars/Workshops

2011 Nagoya, Japan Social Environment in Contemporary East Asia in the Age of Globalization

2006 Tagaytay, Philippines Capacity Building Seminar on Comparative Social Science Research Methodologies

2000 Phitsanulok, Thailand Globalization and Political Culture

1987 Seoul, Korea Asia-Pacific Roundtable Conference on Technology and Society

1987 Prague, Czechoslovakia Social Science Postgraduate Research Training: Novel Approaches

1983 Ottawa, Canada International Colloquium on the Rationale and Basis of the Allocation of Public Funds to Social Science Research

1983 Copenhagen, Denmark Social Sciences in the 1980s

1981 Stockholm, Sweden Seminar on Comparative Analysis of Basic Conceptions of Human Values