Social Science Organizations

CALL FOR PAPERS / International Conference on Intelectual Advancement

Conference Themes and Sub-themes

1: Social sciences, humanities and education

  • Education, curriculum, assessment and teaching.
  • Cultural and heritage studies.
  •  Linguistics, literature and language.
  • Media and mass communication.
  • Health, nursing and social work.
  • Politics, diplomacy and international relationsHuman rights and democracy.

2: Quranic studies, sharia, and law.

  • Islamic laws and International laws.
  • Quranic studies (linguistics, literary and thematic perspectives, methodology and
    hermeneutics, etc)
  • Contemporary issues in Islamic world.
  • The leadership of the prophet and his achievements in making peace with humani.

3: Tourism, environment and technology.

  • Halal tourism.
  • Theme park concept.
  • Climate change.
  • Sustainable energy, technologies and systems.

4: Management, business, economics, accounting, finance and banking.

  • Islamic finance.
  • Human resource management.
  • Capital market.
  • Marketing and branding.

5: Papers related to Covid-19  * in any discipline