Social Science Organizations

World Refugee Day Message

To date, more than 70 million people have lost their places, humane conditions of being in a sedentary life due to wars and conflicts around the world. In addition, for the same reasons, tens of people continue to be displaced in every minute. Thousands of immigrants died in the deep waters of the seas, hoping to have a safer life by taking refuge. Thousands of children had to fall into migration routes in an intersection due to bombs, destruction, starvation and misery. As the most innocent actors of hundreds of thousands of baby immigration journeys; had to come to the world in the camps where despair and hope were compelled at the same time under the conditions of distinctions, privileges and inequalities. Undoubtedly, millions of displaced people have left their ties behind and have opened their eyes in a place where they do not know their language, symbols and cultures, and this causes undeniable traumas in their inner worlds.

On the other hand, it is a fact that both refugees and the communities that accept them have to cope with the sociological consequences of this most painful human encounter on the roads crossing migration. Refugees are the ones most affected negatively in global pandemics and economic crises. It is still a fact that important global humanitarian issues like these and these are still being answered with a global indifference.

The issue of refugee in terms of its causes and consequences coincides with a deep human test, which is placed on the shoulders of all humanity and has the meaning of being tested for each individual and society. It is clear that all active actors of the process, University, Public, Business and Civil Society, must work together in order to give this exam within the framework of the most basic conscientious principles and to achieve multi-dimensional positive results, taking into account all human thresholds. As IFSSO, we would like to draw your attention to raise awareness on June 20th, World Refugee Day. In this context, migrants and host communities adopt living and sharing together in harmony; We wish a world in which this interaction interacts to alleviate the difficulties, intensely reproduced efforts will foster a more humane climate, bridges built instead of walls, and people are not afraid to welcome each other.

Dr. Hakan Gülerce