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9-10 SEPTEMBER 2016



SSH-Net Thinkshops and IFSSO (International Federation of Social Sciences Organization) have been held in several places, including Turkey, Argentina, Mexico and Iran, to mention a few, to serve as venues for three main matters: (1) The lecture on social and humanities theories with the presentation of papers and  discussion of relevant contemporary issues in social sciences and humanities in the world; (2) Exchange of information on activities of institution/individual members of SSH-Net; and (3) Initiating and forming collaborations among member institutions/individuals. The themes of the thinkshops have varied in accordance with, at the time, crucial topic, either in a particular region or the world.


To take advantage of the World Culture Forum in Bali in October 2016, the SSH- Net Thinkshop will be held on 9-10 September 2016, in Bali, Indonesia and be orginised by the SSH-Net in collaboration with the Gianyar Regency and The Center for Bali Studies (Pusat Kajian Bali), Udayana University and History Study Program, Faculty of Cultural Sciences of Udayana University, under the title: SOUTHEAST ASIAN THINKSHOP: THE QUESTION OF WORLD CULTURE. As it has been widely debated that globalisation has impacted on various problems of culture with the whole world encountering similar problems: from Europe to Asia. For example, the question of  existing “pure” or “authentic” cultures has been problematic even in the so-called homogenous nations, like South Korea or Japan. There are many more cultural problems, ranging from the rise of multicultural society and its management; overlapping of cultural heritages in neighbouring countries; development of heritage cultures to become smart cities; questions of local culture and universal culture; identification of local identities; contesting cultural identities; and, national identity.


It is in relation to such issues that the Thinkshop is expected to develop better understanding of world culture issues and to pave the way for social scientists to contribute to these issues. The 2016 Thinkshop will be held in the following venues: Universitas Udayana and Gianyar Regency Office, Gianyar, Bali. Therefore, we would like to invite participation of academics and bureaucrats from universities and government officials to speak in plenary sessions. An abstract of 300 words must be submitted no later than April 30, 2016. The announcement of abstract acceptance will be available on May 15, 2016. If your abstract is accepted, as a speaker, you will be asked to during the seminar, provide a 20 minute presentation as well as to write a 3,000-5,000 word paper in English on the topic. For this, we would like to ask the speakers to submit papers and power points by email to:  or  no later than August 25, 2016 and also to pay the registration fee of IDR. 1,000,000 (one million) [for seminar kits, certificates, snacks and lunch during the Thinkshop] by no later than August 27, 2016 to Sulandjari, Jl Gatot Subroto 329 X, No Bank Account: 034 02.22.03562-1, Bank Pembangunan Daerah Bali, Kantor CAPEM UNUD. The air ticket and accommodation costs are not provided by the organizing committee. If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact any of the contact persons below.




Dr Michael Kuhn, Germany

Prof Shujiro, Japan

Dr Kazumi, Germany

Prof Nishihara, Japan

Prof Dr Nestor Castro, Phillippines

Prof Goh Beng Lan, Singapore

Prof Dr phil I Ketut Ardhana, M. A., Indonesia

Prof Dr Yekti Maunati, M. A., Indonesia.



Several members of SSH-Net from different countries, the International Federation of Social Sciences (IFSSO), Udayana University, Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture, Turkey, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI-Jakarta), University of the Phillippines, BAPPEDA of Bali, Institut Seni Indonesia (ISI-Bali), Research Institutions, Lecturers, Gianyar Regency Officials, Cultural Office of Bali and Students.



Prof  Dr  dr I Ketut Suastika, SpPD-KEMD  (Rector, Udayana University)

A A Gde Agung Bharata, S.H.  (Regent of Gianyar)


Steering Committee:

Prof  Dr I Made Damriyasa, M. S. (Deputy Rector I, Udayana University)

Prof  Drs I Made Suastra, M.A., Ph. D. (Deputy Rector IV, Udayana University)

Drs I Gusti Ngurah Wijana, M. Pd. (Head, Cultural Office, Gianyar Regency)

Prof Dr Ni Ketut Sutjiati Beratha, M. A. (Dean, Faculty of Cultural Sciences-Udayana University).

Dr Michael Kuhn

Prof Shujiro

Prof Dr Nestor Castro

Prof Dr Yekti Maunati, M. A.

Dr. Kazumi



Pusat Kajian Bali-Universitas Udayana

(Center for Bali Studies, Udayana University)

Jalan Sudirman, Denpasar, Bali-Indonesia


Contact persons:

Prof Dr phil I Ketut Ardhana, M. A., mobile: 08159319373

Prof Dr Yekti Maunati, M. A., mobile: 08158868215

Dra Anak Agung Rai Wahyuni, M. Si., mobile: 081237909011

Dra Sulanjari, M. A., mobile: 081239178116

I Wayan Ery Setiawan S. H., mobile: 087862510788

Nevi Dyah Prativi, S. E.,: mobile: 081805517272