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Call for Papers: 23rd IFSSO International General Conference

Call for Papers: 23rd IFSSO International General Conference

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Theme:     Global Connectivity, Cross-Cultural Connections, Social

                   Inclusion and Recognition: The Role of Social Sciences

Date:                   11-12 September 2017

Venue:      Warmadewa University, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia


Warmadewa University

Center for Bali Studies

Postgraduate Program on Cultural Studies of Udayana University

Indonesian Institute of Sciences, Jakarta


In recent years, humanity has witnessed huge numbers of people forced to leave their homes due to war, conflict, poverty and destruction. We have witnessed the dislocation and displacement of individuals, families and children; the power of governments to shut borders; and people bravely making life threatening journeys across land and sea in search of safety and the possibility of a better future. We have also witnessed private individuals, informal groups and organizations at local, national, and transnational levels, bravely helping and mobilizing for social justice and the well-being of all. How has this happened? Mass communications are all-encompassing, but relations with family and neighbours are minimal. News channels have multiplied, but truth and reliability have diminished and disappeared. Information technology has been developed to an astonishing degree, but psychological problems, social injustices, global crises, and ecological disasters have also increased. As the world grows smaller, the problems grow larger so that they now clearly threaten the future of humanity.

Social Science should have brought greater understanding of the human being and its connections. Was it that social sciences were misunderstood or misused? What is the role of cross-cultural connections? Is there a cut of communication both physical and nonphysical levels? What is the role of Social Sciences in the societies?

These questions need close study, for only then may the answers be found and human beings live with the dignity they deserve. The 23rd IFSSO General Conference at Warmadewa University in Bali will provide a vital platform for social scientists to interrogate, debate, and dialogue on the “connections, social inclusion, and recognition” as well as build and strengthen a global Social Sciences that can contextualize, envision, and engage in the struggles for a better world that we live in.


Subthemes: (Related to the Global Connectivity)

  • Connectivity
  • Globalization
  • World Citizenship
  • Intercultural Capital
  • Social Inclusion
  • Immigration
  • Cross-Cultural Connections
  • Social Networks
  • The Contemporary World and Current Situation
  • Crises Afflicting Contemporary Societies and Suggested Solutions
  • The Problems of Racism and Social Injustice, and their Solutions
  • The Factors Nurturing a Culture of Violence, and their Solutions
  • Solutions for Problems Arising from Multicultural Differences
  • Media and Social Sciences
  • Transnational Movements
  • Global Refugees
  • Global Youth
  • Gender and connectivity
  • Social cohesion

Important Notes and Dates:

Abstracts for the papers, not exceeding 250 words, should be submitted online to the Conference Secretariat at not later than the 15 February 2017. Late arrivals will not be considered. The form for the abstract submission is at:

Authors will be notified on 20 February 2017 about the results of the evaluation of the abstracts.

Full papers of selected abstracts should be submitted online to the Conference Secretariat at not later than 5 June 2017. The paper should be written in Word format and should not exceed 6,000 words. Notes and the bibliography should appear at the end of the text. Papers should be within the framework of the above theme and subthemes.

The accommodation and meals will be provided by the Conference Organizing Committee. Unfortunately, there is no travel grant for the participants.

The registration fee for the Conference presenters and participants is USD 100.

All communication should be sent to Mr. Hakan Gülerce at: 


Scientific Committee:

Prof. Dr. Nestor T. Castro, Ph.D (the Philippines)

Prof. Dr. Kazuhisa Nishihara (Japan)

Prof. Dr. Yekti Maunati, MA (Indonesia)

Prof. Dr.  Ketut Ardhana, M. A. (Indonesia)

Prof. Dr. I Made Suwitra, SH., MH  (Indonesia)

Prof. Dr. Veysel Bozkurt, (Turkey)

Prof. Dr. Morad Moulai Hadj (Algeria)


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