World Culture Forum

The theme is “Road to WCF 2016: Culture of Peace: Towards Global Harmony” that will be held in Bali on 3–7 September 2016. The forum aspires to recommend mutual understanding and respect among different cultures, reducing internal and external conflicts and wars, peaceful for existence and building harmonious global society. There will be six sub themes that shall be discussed into six symposia, namley:

1. Conflict and “Glocal” Resolution Mechanism
2. Cultural Foundation in the Participation of Economic Development
3. The Rise of New Cultural Forces
4. The Role of Women in the Promotion of the Culture of Peace
5. Local Wisdom and the World of Peace
6. Local Values and Environment Sustainability: A Necessity of Peace

This event is supported by Ministry of Education Republic of Indonesia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Indonesia in cooperation with United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

22nd IFSSO General Conference


A Social Scientific Approach towards Social Design for the Creation of Multicultural Society

Date: May 29-31, 2015

Entrance Fee: Free

The Centennial Celebration of Seijo Gakuen

The10th Anniversary of the Faculty of Social Innovation, Seijo University

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